Last night on May 29th, 2010 - I photographed the Opening Night Party at TILT Nightclub in Rochester, New York for, the Lipstick Massacre. Lipstick Massacre :: A new murder mystery play by Michael Steck, starring Pandora Boxx - http://www.pandoraboxx.com/. Pandora is the Break away star from RuPaul's Drag Race 2010. Although she did not win the competition, she walked away with Miss Congeniality and she was everyone's favorite. PANDORA BOXX :: STAR and CHRISTOPHER BACON :: PHOTOGRAPHER



This URBAN MOUNTAIN or stair cases is located in the NEW Public Library. When you go underground from the Rundel Building to the new library, this is what you see when you come out of the tunnel. Just like the current job market and searching experience. This URBAN MOUNTAIN, that I need to climb to the 4th floor for the Job Search area makes me feel intimidated by the looming process.



While there have been more Rochester Building photographs than normal lately, that does not mean it is going to stay this way. You can see my entire portfolio and more by clicking on Fine Art from my website http://www.christopherbacon.net




This shot is a new version of a shot that I got with my cell phone a couple of years ago. The shot was really liked by a bunch of people. I couldn't use it because the resolution was too low for print. I usually won't show something I can't print because it will always get selected by someone. Fortunately, this time I was able to go back and get the shot again.



ONE WORLD is what we truly are as people. Forget states, countries, continents, races, creeds and colors. We are all the same people in this ONE WORLD. During our trip this past weekend to Dallas and back for a wedding. I experienced the ONE WORLD feeling firsthand. I really enjoyed the people watching and gained perspective of the world we live in. While I don't like American Airlines. This is one of their planes. Actually it is the Boeing 777 that we got stuck in, in Dallas on the ground for 2 hours. There was a Mechanical Security threat in one of the Lavatories... subsequently causing numerous people including my partner and I, to miss our connecting flights. The trip should have been 7.5 hours. Instead it took 13 hours to get back.




I was driving home from Sodus on the Lake Road. There is a boat launch on a creek delta in the Ontario/ Webster area. I found I guy fishing and 2 swans feeding. This one was the leader.




"DaaaDDY, I'm tired, carry me."

I was out walking with Anthony last night in the neighborhood of the arts - ARTWalk on University Ave. As we were crossing Goodman, a young father and his 2 boys turned the corner in front of us. I heard, "DaaaDDy, I'm tired, carry me." The rest I was able to capture with my camera. Though there is no sound and the lighting is dim, this photograph is full of feelings. No matter if you have kids or not you can appreciate this. We have all be on one side of this or another.